Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy: An Overview

Umbilical stem cells are harvested immediately or shortly after the birth of a newborn. Though there are reparative and restorative properties in all types of stem cells, umbilical stem cells have proven to be the most versatile and adaptable. Their ability to so easily transform into the types of cells needed to repair and rebuild tissue within the body, make them ideal candidates for regenerative stem cell treatments.

These nascent stem cells are so effective because they are extracted from the umbilical cord of a brand new person who, like the child themselves, is full of potential and promise. Furthermore, their ability to differentiate and reproduce rapidly, is what has lead researchers, in part, to study their role in conditions that range from orthopedics to dangerous and life threatening diagnoses, such as alcoholic cirrhosis.

Umbilical stem cell in the treatment of Orthopedic Conditions

The biotechnological engineering of umbilical stem cell therapy, has lead to impressive developments within the world of orthopedics. Recently published research has demonstrated encouraging results of umbilical stem cell treatments on traumatic defects of the ankle and knee.

Other studies have presented improvements in joint injuries and pain related to osteoarthritis, and other chronic,orthopedic conditions. Progress was noted in the patellar flexion of patients who received umbilical stem cells, six months out from transplantation; they also enjoyed an overall decrease in pain. And while umbilical stem cell treatment is most effective in the early stages of any disease, what is telling here is just how much progress was made after implantation in those with severe osteoarthritis.

Stem cell treatment was noted to provide improved functionality as well as quality of life in an elderly, male patient who had significantly decreased space between his hip joints, cysts within the subchondral bones, and dramatic deterioration of the related bony structures. Improvements in his overall condition were noted just two months after he received umbilical stem cell therapy.

Body Systems Wellness and Umbilical Stem Cell Therapy

Umbilical stem cell therapy is a developing and promising treatment plan for patients suffering from inflammation, decreased range of motion, cystic changes, and all things related to orthopedic health. All umbilical stem cell treatments are conducted by medical professionals who hold strong convictions and beliefs about the benefits of this therapy and its role in regenerative orthopedics. Umbilical stem cell treatments are the standard by which similar treatments are measured, which is why they are the means we utilize in our therapeutic procedures.

Dr. Shahen Kurestian, DC and Body Systems Wellness in Glendale, California provide an array of umbilical stem cell therapies and procedures in the safety and comfort of our offices. We are honored to serve the public and all those who entrust us with their health and welfare. Contact us for a patient-focused consultation today.

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