In a gluten-free diet, individuals only eat foods that lack the protein gluten. Gluten can be found in certain types of grains like barley, triticale, wheat, and rye. Many people can benefit from utilizing a gluten-free diet including those who suffer from celiac disease, gluten ataxia, gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergies.

Gluten-free diets have become quite popular even among those who don’t suffer from gluten ailments. Many claim that a gluten-free diet can provide overall benefits to the body including weight loss, increased energy, and overall improved health.

If a person intends to follow a gluten-free diet, they would derive their starches or grains from a specific source. Some of these sources include:

  1. Buckwheat

  2. Hominy

  3. Quinoa

  4. Rice

  5. Soy

If one intends to have success on a gluten-free diet, there are a few tips that will help ease the transition and keep you going on the right path. For now, we have 5 tips that we can share with you to help you in your dietary decision.

1. Read Your Food Labels

When you go to the grocery store or order from a restaurant, make sure to check food labels. It might require a little extra time spent during your shopping trip but this can help you prevent picking up a product that contains gluten.

On a good note, many brands have gotten into the habit of labeling their products which are gluten-free which are perfect safe alternatives to gluten rich products. As well, make sure to check products every time as some manufacturers can change ingredients without notice.

2. Avoid Certain Alcohols (if not all)

If you decide to pick up some alcohol at the store, be sure to pick up the right ones. Most beers and stouts contain gluten so you might want to stay away from those unless they clearly dictate on the label that they are gluten free. However, some alcohols that you can consume are wine, cider, spirits, and sherry.

3. Check Your Meds

Some medications do utilize gluten in their ingredients so it would be wise to check your meds before taking them on a gluten free diet for glutens like wheat and rye. If you are unsure whether a particular medication carries gluten, you can stop by your local pharmacy and ask them to tell you what ingredients are being used.

4. Gluten-Free Substitutes

Due to the popularity of the gluten free diet, gluten free options are becoming more and more available within grocery stores. Some stores even have certain shelves that are reserved specifically for gluten-free products. Some gluten-free products that you are bound to find at your local grocery store include:

  • Gluten-free cake mix

  • Gluten-free bread

  • Gluten-free frozen foods

  • Gluten-free cookies and crackers

  • Gluten-free salad dressings and pasta sauces

  • Gluten-free pasta

5. Beware of Cross Contamination

If you are the only one in your family who is gluten-free, it can become a hazard to you when cooking or eating in the kitchen. Make sure that you clean off all surfaces after someone has used the kitchen to avoid mixing your food with gluten. As well, make sure that you keep certain products separated like butter which can become contaminated with bread crumbs after using knives for spreading.

Even more, be careful because some foods can become contaminated with gluten especially if they were processed or harvested with gluten rich foods. Be sure that when you shop to only pick up products that have gluten free on the package to avoid upsetting your gluten sensitivity.

Final Thoughts

If you suffer from celiac disease, have a gluten sensitivity, deciding to switch to a gluten free diet can provide relief for your symptoms and help you feel much better in your health. Gluten can be found in certain grains like barley and wheat so choosing other forms of grains like quinoa and buckwheat will be wise.

To have the best experience on a gluten free diet, one only needs to check food labels, avoid cross contamination with surfaces and foods that have touched gluten, check your meds for gluten, avoid gluten rich alcohols, and venture out in search for gluten free alternatives. Contact our integrated medicine clinic that specializes in weight loss to schedule a consultation with Kurestian, Shahen DC at our Glendale facility to find out if this is this is a suitable diet for your needs.

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