The Restorative Power of Umbilical Stem Cells

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Being diagnosed with a chronic, life limiting disease can be traumatic. Being severely injured in an accident can be devastating. Thinking about quality of life, including the pain and metamorphosis that will be required of both patient and family, can be utterly mind numbing and simply put—frightening.

The advent of stem cell research has dramatically changed the lives of patients who thought they would never live long enough to walk their children down the aisle. Umbilical stem cell research in particular has restored hope, determination, and functionality in ways that amaze us all.

What makes stem cells so unique is their cellular composition and adaptability. Stem cells, unlike cells designed to carry out a specific purpose, are undifferentiated. In layman’s terms, this means that they can become many other types of cells. With their ability to morph into much neede

d cells at disease or injury sites, they can transform themselves, thereby serving as a restorative and sometimes recuperative treatment.

Why consider umbilical stem cell therapy?

Umbilical stem cells, collected from the cord of a newborn at or shortly after birth, are nutrient rich and can be used in the treatment of a host of diseases and chronic conditions. Because of their ability to replicate skin, muscle, heart, and bone cells, they are becoming an increasingly popular therapeutic and rehabilitative part of the treatment arsenal. The results of thousands of clinical trials studying the efficacy of umbilical stem cell therapy is extremely promising. As studies continue to grow in number and depth, their potential for curative care indicates hopeful and exciting times ahead. Scientific studies into the effects of umbilical stem cells are supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Parkinson’s Foundation, and many respected and peer reviewed medical journals.

What makes these cells in particular such a desirable agent in patient care, is the fact that they regenerate in greater numbers than other cells. Though we carry stem cells within us throughout our lifetime, the younger the cells, the healthier and more beneficial they are to their recipients. Perhaps the real question is, why anyone would not consider umbilical stem cell therapy.

How can umbilical stem cells help patients?

In order to begin the process, parents or guardians must consent to the extraction of blood cells from their newborn’s umbilical cord. Once consent is obtained and the baby is born to a mother who has been determined to be medically healthy, a specially trained nurse removes the blood and cord tissue. Both materials are extracted in consonance with protocols in line with current medical practices (CMP) and current good tissue procedures (cGTP).

Once the cord materials have been obtained, they are screened according to the standards set by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). The blood and tissue is then screened to assure quality and safety, and then placed in a container that allows it to be transported in the most hygienic, sterile means possible. Quality cannot be compromised at any time during this process, from the time of extraction, to transfer,

to transplant.

Who benefits from umbilical stem cell therapy?

There are a plethora of patients who can benefit from umbilical stem cell treatment. Individuals with heart disease for example, have benefited from this therapy through the re-creation of cardiac tissue previously damaged by oxygen deprivation.

In patients with Parkinson’s disease, the progressive loss of dopamine is what leads to the demise of controlled body movements. With umbilical stem cell treatment, dopamine- releasing cells have been reproduced, and patients have shown consistent improvements over time.

Individuals with autoimmune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, have gone into periods of remission after stem cell treatments, while others suffering from spinal cord injuries, and diabetes have benefitted similarly.

It is important to note that while there are other types of stem cells that can be used in the care and treatment of patients with these diagnoses, umbilical cord stem cells remain the gold standard in regenerative medicine.

Why Should You Choose Body Systems Wellness for Stem Cell Therapy?

Body Systems Wellness provides an array of quality medical services to those who entrust us with their care. Our stem cell treatments are handled by highly skilled medical professionals who believe in these treatments and the benefits they provide. And because umbilical cord stem cells remain the benchmark by which other stem cells are measured, they are the therapeutic means we specialize in. Our services are affordable, facilitated by a comprehensive team, and remain patient- centered.

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