The Role of Hormones

Hormones, in many ways, are the traffic cops of the human body. In both men and women, these naturally occurring chemicals regulate body functions that include reproduction, temperature, development, blood pressure, as well as many other systems, in order to help us live as healthfully as possible.

All of us need our hormone levels, no matter what functions they control, to be in balance. When hormones and the glands that produce them become over or under-active, the results can be debilitating. These imbalances can wreak major havoc on our muscles, nervous system, hair growth, skin elasticity, and our ability to get a good night’s sleep. In addition to these, women can also suffer from vaginal discomfort, infertility, and severe mood swings. Conditions that may manifest in men when they are suffering an imbalance, include a propensity for diabetes, heart disease, and erectile dysfunction.

When to Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormonal concerns are often discussed with flippant candor, shrouded in stigma, and dressed in adolescent humour, within all realms of media. The reality however, goes well beyond bad jokes and teasing. In fact, disproportionate hormone levels can cause a decrease in the degree of overall life satisfaction, which can then spiral into depression, anger, and feeling tired and miserable. With so many people suffering with hormonal challenges, it is clear that we are dealing with a public health concern whose time has come.

So how do you know when it is time to pursue hormone replacement therapy? For many women that question often arises when their periods end and menopause begins. During menopause, estrogen levels decrease as the risks of certain chronic conditions increase. The chances of contracting heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and urinary tract infections go up. In addition, women are also at risk of having decreased skin turgor, increased bruising, and difficulty healing from wounds.

Men may consider hormone replacement therapy for any number of conditions, including hypogonadism. This ailment is caused by several precipitating factors, one of which is related to the natural aging process. Hypogonadism occurs when the male body no longer produces sufficient amounts of testosterone. As this chemical imbalance can significantly affect libido, the ability to maintain an erection, as well as a stable mood, it is no wonder that relationships are frequently and adversely affected when the condition remains untreated. Hypogonadism can also increase a man’s risk for cardiovascular disease by way of increased levels of cholesterol, anemia, and much like their female, menopausal counterparts, “hot flashes.”

Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy

Once you have determined that hormone replacement therapy may be a viable option for you, the Body Systems Wellness team will guide you through the benefits of a customized treatment plan. Together, we will review your symptoms and concerns, and discuss your medical history including your current medication regime. As part of your personalized hormone replacement therapy, we recommend avoiding dangerous activities that can put you at greater risk for health problems, such as overindulgences in alcohol.

Our goals for you are simple. We want you to be able to conduct a balanced, healthy, rich lifestyle that includes treatment methods based on safety and efficacy. We provide our patients with a hormone replacement therapy that is tailor made and realistic for them.

Body Systems Wellness in Glendale, California is dedicated to helping you achieve your optimum hormonal balance

Dr. Shahen Kurestian DC and his staff will help you attain your health goals and balance in all areas of your health and welfare. Our beliefs and deep convictions in the importance of this treatment speak for themselves and we welcome you to a free consultation to discuss them further.

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